Read what students at our Fort Collins New Life Center have to say about the New Life Detoxification Program = )

Narconon Fresh Start Success StoryDay 3 in sauna, it is definitely hot! I am excited to see the results and able to function 100% in my environment.
A. F.

Today in sauna was easier for me, I was able to concentrate and exist in the heat more comfortably then the previous days. My body is becoming more and healthier each day.
A. F.

I’m feeling better than I have in years, and I feel that the toxins are all out of my body. I can now pursue the things in life that I had believed were no longer attainable.
B. B.

I stopped smoking and chewing tobacco I am sleeping solid through the night. My mental clarity has returned, and I feel like a new man after years of feeling like I was aged well beyond my years.
B. B.

I feel alive and ready to conquer the world.
A. D.

I am ready to pull these old toxins from my body; I am excited to do so after reading about the Sauna Program!
B. H.


Find out more about the Narconon Fresh Start drug detoxification program.

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