Breaking the Cycle of Addiction is Never Easy

Drug and alcohol addiction seemingly takes over the user’s life. A person who once had dreams, aspirations and purpose in their life slowly loses focus on achieving their goals. As their drug abuse escalates, they will begin to rely more and more on their drug of choice to fill their days and nights. We understand what a difficult situation you are going through. Whether it is you who is struggling with addiction issues or a loved one, the life you are living today is not the one you had envisioned. You have probably been through many different feelings about the addiction problem, what to do and how to accomplish it. We have been in your shoes, struggling day to day with addiction and not knowing where to turn. Together, we can help you break the cycle of addiction and regain your life back. While every person who struggles with addiction is unique in their own way, all addiction problems have one thing in common – they can be ended. No one has to remain an addict for the rest of their life. We know that breaking the cycle of addiction is never easy, it will likely be one of the greatest challenges you will go through. However, Narconon Fresh Start programs have decades of experience helping addicted persons make complete and total recoveries.

Our treatment philosophy is that drug addiction and alcohol dependence are not diseases. This is a stark contrast to what most people, addicted and sober, have heard before. Different than twelve-step based drug rehab programs that ingrain in their clients that they are powerless and label them a lifetime addict or alcoholic with an incurable disease, we treat drug and alcohol addiction for what it truly is. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a physical and mental problem that has to be overcome in conjunction with their underlying issues. The treatment methods Narconon Fresh Start uses are designed to help build up their clients by showing them that they are both powerful and in control of themselves. Throughout the course of drug rehab, the program participant becomes self-determined; they learn honesty, responsibility, accountability and how to live with integrity.

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