I have a new life

This place is great! I have a new life and a new bag of tools to use to stay clean and sober. For the first time in my life, I no longer live in the past; I stopped carrying guilt and shame around like luggage. I know how to confront issues rather than avoid them. I personally want to thank this program, and Phil, who took a personal interest in helping me apply and understand the applications/tech! Thank you everyone. Until now, I never felt good about myself.
B. H.

The Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab program is a leader in the field of addiction recovery. With Narconon Fresh Start treatment philosophies and technology, their clients arrive at their personal lowest points and through the course of the program regain their sense of self. Program participants learn valuable life skills that benefit them not only while they are in drug rehab, but throughout the rest of their life; skills such as effective communication, learning how to study successfully, becoming aware of the source of their problems and addressing it, formulating solutions and problem solving. While Lone Star Victory Ranch is not the fastest or easiest drug rehab program to go through, it is the most effective. Over three quarters of their graduates remain clean and sober when they return to their daily life.

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