I was trying to forget my real life

I started using drugs with my family when I was very young. I had a history of physical abuse and death in my family. I always felt depressed and unable to be happy and productive. I used drugs to live in an alternate reality and try to forget my real life. Narconon taught me that I can be happy and successful without needing drugs to deal with my life. I have 4 months sober right now and I will keep climbing.
R. C.

The strength and determination Narconon Fresh Start program participants show is always impressive. As the client above shared, even a lifetime filled with addiction can be overcome. They were able to use what they learned while in drug rehab to remain off drugs when they returned home. Because Narconon Fresh Start is a complete program from start to finish, when a client graduates from treatment they are fully rehabilitated. Their time in treatment has prepared them to tackle any challenge that comes their way, no matter how small or large. A graduate of Narconon Fresh Start doesn’t attend meetings, call themselves an addict or believe that they are living with an incurable disease. They stand on their own two feet as sober, ethical members of their family and community.

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