Living in an alternate reality

When a person abuses drugs or alcohol they are typically looking to escape. Whether it is from personal pain, boredom, problems, stress…the list is endless. I once knew a drug addict who felt that she was “better” than everyone else who didn’t do drugs because she was able to have it all: a job, an education, family, friends, a boyfriend and all the drugs she wanted whenever she wanted. Reality hit her hard and fast when her world came crashing down around her. Her job fired her for never showing up, she dropped out of school after just a month or so because she was so far behind, her family and friends had taken all they could of her out of control behavior and her boyfriend had been using her for the drugs she supplied him. The alternate reality she had built for herself was just a lie she realized. This girl needed help, desperately.

After enrolling in the Narconon Fresh Start program she was able to see that while life was going to be different off drugs, it may be a life worth living. Each day was a struggle to remain in treatment knowing all the “fun” she could be having if she was back home. As she promised herself she’d stay just one more day at Narconon, than one more after that. In time, she found the promises she made to herself not as necessary. By her second month in drug rehab a light bulb had clicked on for her. She was living the life she really wanted. As her graduation approached the girl knew that she had found her calling, to help others who had walked the same path of drug abuse and addiction find sobriety. No longer living in an alternate reality, she has found the years since completing drug rehab to be the best of her life.

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