More Information about Our Drug Rehab

When looking for more information about drug rehabilitation the wealth of info on the internet can become overwhelming; it has been estimated that there are over 14,500 specialized drug rehab centers in the United States alone. Because drug addiction and alcoholism are complex issues that involve nearly all aspects of the person’s life the treatment they receive must address more than just the physical nature of the problem. Finding the underlying issues that drove the person to use, abuse and become addicted is what is going to help them remain drug free in the long run. Without identifying their underlying issues, the recovering person is likely to leave treatment and pick up right back where they left off because they have not truly fixed the fundamental issues behind their addiction.

Narconon Fresh Start has several programs across the western part of the country that address drug and alcohol addiction for what it really is; a physical and mental problem that has to be overcome with underlying issues that need to be resolved. Our treatment is true rehabilitation that builds you up and shows you that you are powerful, not powerless. All of our program locations are able to handle every type of drug and alcohol addiction problem: heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs, synthetic drugs, opiates, inhalants, the list goes on and on. What sets our drug rehab apart from other treatment centers is that we are a complete drug rehabilitation program that does not use drug substitution therapy or group therapy.

Drug substitution therapy means having a client come off the drug they are addicted to only to put them on one or multiple drugs to control their mood, sleep, anxiety level, energy level, etc. In effect the client is simply switching from their drug of choice to prescription drugs that work to control them as they were previously controlled by their addiction. We have our clients come of the substances they are addicted to either using medically supervised withdrawal programs or they are supervised by our withdrawal specialists; when the program participant is completely drug-free they are ready to begin the Narconon Fresh Start program. A program participant who works through the Narconon Fresh Start program learns to handle life without resorting to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems.

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