A Narconon Fresh Start Graduate is…

A Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program graduate is…

  • someone who has completed the entire treatment process
  • an individual who how knows that they are fully capable of living a drug-free life
  • a person who has improved their ability to learn, and in turn is able to accept new ideas on how to change their life for the better
  • someone who has been able to personally absorb the fundamentals of ethics and morality effectively enough so that they are able to be productive and contributive to their communities and society
  • an individual who will purposefully have no further troubles with the justice system
  • a person who knows how to solve the problems in their life in a rational manner to the best of their ability, without turning to drugs or alcohol

All graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are expected, without exception to the severity of their earlier life experience, to achieve and live a stable drug-free, ethical life. In the Narconon Fresh Start program way of thinking there is no “victim”, no matter how difficult or severe one’s life has been up until their time in treatment. Even if one’s life has been full of ups and downs, the road out is through personal recognition and responsibility for one’s own condition.

Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start program comment on their experiences:

I have attested my Narconon program; this has been what I was waiting for since I arrived on July 23rd. This program changed and saved my life. The sense of accomplishment is such a great feeling. I have a clean slate and I am looking forward to starting a healthy sober life.
K. G.

I am so much happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m sleeping better, feeling better, eating better and my future is brighter than it’s been in a long time. I can achieve the goals that I want to achieve in my life!
B. B.

As a graduate of the Narconon Program, I continue to be truly free from the bondage of drug addiction. My thoughts are no longer self-centered. My primary focus is on helping others. In turn, I have been deeply rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and happiness in life. Furthermore, I feel that I am in control of my life. I do not worry about misfortune entering my life because I know that there are always things I can do to positively impact any situation. Knowing this provides me with a great deal of pride and satisfaction as I live my life in an exemplary manner.
N. G.

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