My daughter has recovered from her addiction

I am the proud father of 21 year old J. B.; I make reference to her age to emphasize that there were times that I was worried J. B. wouldn’t see her 18th birthday. J. B. grew up living with her mother in a small island community where most kids had money in their pockets and too much time on their hands. Her mother and I had divorced when she was four. J. B. worked at a local fast food restaurant while attending high school and also participating in the running start program where kids take college level courses and graduate from high school with two years of college already completed. No doubt, she is an extremely bright girl. While working at the restaurant, she started to hang out with the wrong crowd and began to experiment with drugs. After being unable to abide by the rules in her mother’s home and refusing to come live with her stepmom and me, J. B. decided to move in with her boyfriend at the time. They continued to use and became transients, moving from one place to another. Finally, one day while I was driving to California I received a call from her and pulled to the side of the road. This was the beginning of where her life started to change for the better. She had decided that she had enough and wanted to get help. She found a number on the internet and had already been in contact with a Narconon Fresh Start intake specialist. Tonya was the intake specialist and when J. B. hesitated to board the plane for California, Tonya went above and beyond the call of duty by agreeing to drive from her home in the San Fernando Valley to personally pick my daughter up and transport her from Long Beach to Narconon Fresh Start’s facility in San Diego.

Admittedly, the cost of the program was a bit startling and to this day, I have no idea how it compares to a cost basis to other similar programs. However, I do know this: if you are committed to the program, it works. Knowing that J. B. had taken the initiative to reach out and make contact with Narconon Fresh Start, we knew we had to strike while the iron was hot. It’s not an easy program. There were several times early on that J. B. attempted to leave the program but was ultimately convinced to stay. She worked through her program and graduated four months later. She then became an intern and has now been a staff member for the past few years. June 9th of this year will mark the fourth year of her sobriety. What a remarkable accomplishment and we couldn’t be more proud of her. I’d like to mention and thank Tim for being a surrogate father for her while she was participating in the program. His “tough love” helped to instill some much needed structure and discipline in her life. That was something that should have been instilled at a much earlier age.

J. B. still has her good days and the occasional bad ones as well but she seems much more equipped to handle life’s ups and downs without trying to escape by turning to drugs or alcohol. We are very grateful that she took the initiative to find help and we’re very thankful to Narconon Fresh Start for the impact they’ve had in helping J. B. turn her life around. I now look forward to J. B.’s future with a great deal of optimism. I love my daughter and thank you so much Narconon Fresh Start!
M. B.

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