Beyond Recovery

To be fully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction is an amazing feeling; you realize that you have likely concurred one of the most difficult challenges you will ever have to face in your lifetime and come out on top. Once you complete Narconon Fresh Start, the responsibility of continuing to use your new life skills and drug prevention/refusal techniques becomes an ongoing necessity. Taking responsibility for your actions, emotions and words is going to put you in control of the sobriety you have worked so hard to achieve.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab process is one of the most thorough programs your will experience. Some practical matters that are important and often prove challenging include issues finding appropriate housing, finding a job, continuing education and obtaining medical insurance. While a large majority of the time is spent helping you get off drugs or alcohol, there is a substantial amount of planning that goes into helping you prepare a life plan for your future out of treatment. This is a plan for the new life that you are beginning upon completing of the Narconon Fresh Start program. This plan incorporates the application of your entire program and is customized for your life and personal goals. The plan you create must be agreed upon by both you and your Narconon Fresh Start case supervisor. This ensures that the plan has the maximum potential for you lasting success.

When a person has stopped using a substance the process of learning to live daily life without that substance begins. Learning to manage life’s daily stresses and using new found strategies to deal with the challenges that arise is an important part of developing your new sober identity, maintaining your recovery and preventing relapse. There are numerous ways to keep yourself on the right track. Some recovered persons find that making schedules for their day/week/month helps them to feel in control and know what they expect of themselves, and what others expect of them too. This is a way to hold yourself accountable for your time so that any free time is spent doing enjoyable activities, not being bored and thinking about the past. Many people who have completed Narconon Fresh Start and want to keep their recovery on track seek out ways to be of service to others and their community. Whether it is working in a soup kitchen or answering phones at a local charity; any task that helps others and makes you feel valuable is going to benefit you and the charity you are helping. Life beyond recovery is filled with the same ups and downs you had before drug rehab. The difference is that now you have the life skills and education on how to handle these issues without resorting to drugs or alcohol to escape.

One thought on “Beyond Recovery”

  1. When I first got here it was hard for me to process the fact that I would be going the rest of my life with out any drugs. Further on down the road in my program after realizing how proud and happy I had made my family I figured out that living a clean and sober life would be a very good thing and now with over close to 2 1/2 years clean and sober I’m glade that I came to that realization.

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