Addiction Recovery and Treatment

Sunshine Summit Lodge offers addiction recovery and treatment for every type of substance abuse and dependence problem. Addiction to drugs and alcohol has a high cost, not just to the person who is struggling with the dependence problem but to their family, friends and co-workers. The reckless behavior of the addicted person can lead to long-term health and social problems that include chronic illness, legal problems, financial devastation and the inability to take care of their personal responsibilities. While at the time the drug or alcohol dependent person may not see the potential consequences of their actions, there are many serious issues that could arise. The worst of these issues is death – either of the addicted person or their family members, friends and/or strangers who happen to be hurt by the addict’s poor choices while they were under the influence.

Addiction recovery and treatment at Sunshine Summit Lodge will help you or your loved one break the cycle of addiction. Our program provides a sheltered environment, detox care, ongoing medical care and monitoring, personalized treatment, peer and staff support and aftercare support. We are a leader in the field of addiction recovery and treatment and have decades of experience behind our treatment methods. As a residential addiction treatment facility we provide our program participants with room and board as well as everything they need to recover from their addiction problem. On average, our clients take between three to five months to complete the program. However, because we operate on a time variable approach to recovery, program participants who need to stay longer to gain success have the ability to do so. There is no additional out of pocket expense for the client because we understand that true rehabilitation takes as long as it takes.

As a residential drug rehab, our program is more intense than a short-term or outpatient program and is considered the most effective way to beat an addiction issue. During the program participants time at Sunshine Summit Lodge they will receive the medical care and psychological treatment necessary to recover while building peer relationships that benefit them greatly during their time in addiction recovery and treatment. Our treatment modality is based on an individualized approach to addiction recovery as opposed to the common “group therapy” approach. At Sunshine Summit Lodge, we treat and rehabilitate each program participant’s addiction, life, family, friends, issues and all other areas of their life that need both change and improvement; this process all happens and takes place while the client is in treatment. Not when they complete treatment, leave and are left on their own. Our drug rehab center is staffed with a highly motivated team of Course Supervisors, Case Supervisors, Registered Addictions Specialists and life Skills Counselors that work with each program participant on a rigorous schedule to address their specific issues and personal needs. Typically, our drug rehab program is staffed with one staff member for every two program participants, not the common ratio at other drug rehab centers. The individualized approach that we use as the cornerstone to our recovery process is not practiced at other treatment centers where they employ one counselor to every ten to thirty five clients who are all undergoing and sharing the same “group therapy” session.

Sunshine Summit Lodge’s location if filled with open spaces, scenery and fresh country air. Our country campus location provides our program participants with a healthy change of environment while the treatment facility itself includes all the necessary spaces and amenities needed to deliver our addiction recovery and treatment program while remaining a homey and comfortable atmosphere. The namesake of our site is our large cozy Main Lodge, which is where our program participants gather after program hours to dine, relax in the lounge, play cards or watch a movie. Also, directly outside of the Main Lodge is access to the many recreational areas, such as the pool deck, Jacuzzi, fitness center and jogging path. With over 45 years of successful graduates from our group of Narconon Fresh Start centers, and a very high success rate at accomplishing true and lasting rehabilitation, we have a proven record of successful results.

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