As a graduate, I recommend this program

Today I achieved my goal to finish the Narconon Fresh Start program; this was a huge success for me. My eyes have opened up to a whole new world and I feel free again. It feels good; I learned another way to happiness by all the precepts in the common sense guide to better living. I recommend this program and book to anyone and everyone wanting to live healthier, clean, happy, positive life. I thank the program for the education and information I received while being here.
C. M.

2 thoughts on “As a graduate, I recommend this program”

  1. The Narconon Fresh Start Program is a great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good drug treatment program. Before coming to Narconon I had been through one other inpatient program and was right back to getting high again 3 days after completing the program. I was also going through an Intensive Outpatient Program and was getting high the whole time I was going through it.

  2. It is great to read about other people having similar success to myself going through the Narconon Fresh Start Program. It is a great drug rehab and help me gain the tools to live a happy drug free life.

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