Getting My Life Together

Today I started my new books about changing conditions in life and I’m very excited about that, I’m glad how everything is falling into place and I thank God. My life has been wonderful since I’ve been here applying all these tools I’ve learned…

…This program has helped me get my life together. Since I’ve been here I feel great! The Narconon Fresh Start program is really working for me.
J. P.

All of the Narconon Fresh Start program books and course work builds upon what the student has previously learned. Book 7 – Changing Conditions in Life, helps students to learn how to evaluate all aspects of his or her life and how to take action to strengthen any area that may be lacking. A person’s life can viewed as several different sections: self, partner, family, and groups (work, social, etc.). When a student enters the Narconon Fresh Start program certain areas of their life may be doing great while other areas are struggling or are somewhere in between these two conditions. The Changing Conditions in Life course outlines the many different conditions a person can be in and gives them a step-by-step guide on how to enhance any sections of their life that need improvement. This helps the student achieve a balanced life and that encompasses more than just themselves. These techniques can be applied to reach personal goals or improve any area of life that can use some improvement long after the student has left the Narconon program.

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