The sauna

The sauna part of the program helped me a lot more than I thought it would. I feel like I have never put a drug in my body.
S. U.

The cornerstone of the Narconon Fresh Start program is the New Life Detoxification program. This detoxification process removes the root cause of future drug and alcohol re-stimulation by flushing out the accumulated toxic metabolites in the fatty tissues. The process consists of medically supervised exercise, combined with dry sauna therapy and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements targeted to rid the fatty tissues of the stored drug metabolites, eliminating the physical cause of cravings and relapse. Within just a few days to a week, program participants have color back in their face, their eyes are brighter, their energy level increases and they are sleeping well at night and waking feeling refreshed the next morning. Their mood swings from anger to depression and general uncomfortability and anxiety levels diminish as they begin to feel centered and balanced, more like themselves.

2 thoughts on “The sauna”

  1. After completing the sauna program I felt like a whole new person. After sweating out all the bad stuff I had put in my my body over the years I felt so much better I was sleeping better, eating better and was able to concentrate a lot better.

  2. The sauna program made me feel like a new person. I had a lot more energy then when I used drugs. I also felt a lot healthier and it helped relieve the drug cravings that I was having. I use to have a lot of trouble sleeping before I started the sauna program but after a few days of being in sauna, sleep was no longer a problem!

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