There is life after drugs

It has been over seven years since I have gone without any kind of drugs. From book one I have learned how to communicate better by an appropriate measure of confrontation to get my point across better. Also while understanding others I have also learned there is life after these drugs.
J. W.

3 thoughts on “There is life after drugs”

  1. Mary, your story is a powerful testament of how the struggle to end one’s addiction can be done. I agree completely, “Sobriety is the best kept secret.” As a recovered addict, I know in my darkest days I would have never agreed with that statement. Now, with a decade of sobriety under my belt I couldn’t agree more! It is the power of addiction and one’s inevitable surrender into the downward spiral of drug and alcohol use that steals away our hope and ability to see life clearly. I’m sure you would agree, once your addiction has been fully addressed and all underlying issues handled there is an amazing life of sobriety to be had = )

  2. I am a recovered meth addict. I have been sober for over 10 years now and I want to say that life is so much better being sober. It took awhile for me to see how good things really could be, my life today is good. Sobriety is the best kept secret. Good luck and God Bless.
    Mary Ballard
    *This article was very interesting and helpful*
    Thank you.

  3. Before starting this program the only life I knew was the drug life. I was constantly getting high and finding ways to get money to get more drugs. I was still getting high while on probation and didn’t really care. After coming to this program and getting clean I realized there really was a life after drugs and now after being clean for over 2 years I can’t imagine going back to my life with drugs.

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