Getting Drug Rehabilitation Help for a Loved One

While there are those rare cases of addicted persons who are able to stop using on their own without attending a drug rehab; it is more likely that they have not fully recovered from their addiction, but found a way to temper their use down to a more “manageable” level. A study done by the journal Addiction found that so-called “spontaneous” recovery may not really be real recovery at all. Instead, looking closer at these “recovered” individuals you find that 78.6% of them report low-risk drinking and 46.2% report limited drug use. Continuing to take any substance once one has fully recovered from addiction means that they are still being controlled by the substance they are using; this is not true addiction rehabilitation. While these drug users have improved drastically in the quantity of their drug or alcohol use, they are far from being completely recovered. For your loved one to completely recover from their addiction problem their most effective option is enrolling in a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program. Our network of highly successful programs can be found in multiple states throughout the west. We have drug rehab centers in Southern California (Sunshine Summit Lodge), Nevada (Rainbow Canyon Retreat), Colorado (Fort Collins New Life Center), and Texas (Lone Star Victory Ranch).

We understand how difficult addiction recovery can be, most of us have been though it ourselves and with the help and support of the Narconon Fresh Start program have found true and lasting rehabilitation. Helping a person leave behind a life of alcohol, drugs and chaos and guide them to one filled with purpose, direction and integrity is not easy. While our program is not the shortest or easiest process, it is the most effective at truly ending addiction. We use a cognitive behavioral modification model and have an extremely high success rate at accomplishing true and lasting rehabilitation for over 45 years. A key difference between our program and others is that we do not use the disease model as part of our rehabilitation philosophy. The disease model dictates that the person will always be an addict with an incurable disease they cannot overcome, but only hope to learn to cope with day to day for the rest of their lives. We do not believe that our clients are victims of a disease or that they will always be an addict. Our educational rehabilitation philosophy is centered on confronting and locating the many causes of addiction, the behaviors associated with it and resolving all of these issues simultaneously.

When you contact any of our drug rehab facilities you will find an admissions counselor ready to speak with you. Take the time to speak with them about whatever issues you or your loved one is struggling with and any questions you have about our program. Our admission counselor will ask several questions as well so that they are better informed and able to assist you. We care about your unique situation and the needs that you have. We want you to know, while every person and family is different, there is one thing you all have in common – you can have your life back and we will help you get there.

One thought on “Getting Drug Rehabilitation Help for a Loved One”

  1. Before coming here to Rainbow Canyon Retreat I tried to stop using drugs on my own a few times. I told myself that I could quit anytime and I would be just fine but I was never successful for very long. The longest I was able to quit without any help was 3 days and then all it took for me to start using again was one phone call from a “friend”.

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