Withdrawal has been a huge first step

I have been drinking for over ten years and it has completely affected my life in a negative way. For a while now I wanted help, but did not know what to do. My parents got me into this program and I feel that withdrawal has been a huge first step in finding sobriety. I look forward to seeing what I am capable of as a sober adult.
W. J. H.

2 thoughts on “Withdrawal has been a huge first step”

  1. Withdrawal was a hug first step for me. I was so afraid to withdrawal because of the pain, sickness, and insomnia. I also did not think I could live a sober life. The withdrawal process at Rainbow Canyon Retreat helped me get through the process and a withdrawal specialist was with me 24/7 to help me through the process.

  2. My drug use affected my life quite a lot and I also had been wanting help but didn’t know what to do. Then while in jail my parents found Rainbow Canyon Retreat and sent me here after I got out. Withdrawl was the first step for me and I now have 2 years clean and I feel great!

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