A great day in sauna

I had a great day in Sauna, I feel like myself again. When I first started I was so skeptical about how much this New Life Detoxification Program would really work. Now after several weeks and seeing so many amazing changes in myself I’m positive that it’s working. I don’t really like to exercise that much but the little bit I have to do before Sauna each day is worth the results I’m getting. Who knows, maybe I’ll even loose a little weight by the end of it all; that would be awesome. I’ve never been truly “healthy” before. I know that by the time I graduate this program I’ll defiantly be healthy from the inside out.
K. G.

One thought on “A great day in sauna”

  1. I too was skeptical of sauna when I first got to the Narconon Fresh Start program, but after be in sauna for only a few days I felt so much better. I was able to sleep better at night and my moods through out the day were improving drastically. While in sauna my drug cravings also started to diminish. Sauna made me feel better both mentally and physically and help set me on the path to lasting sobriety.

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