Addiction Causes Long-term Changes in the Brain

Recent studies into addiction have shown the effects of long-term drug and alcohol use cause significant changes of the user’s brain. The negative changes to the user’s brain have been shown to last long after they have stopped using drugs or alcohol. Due to these change in the user’s brain, it is hardly surprising that it takes most addicted person’s more than sheer willpower and personal self-control to remain drug and alcohol free. When each day brings difficult challenges to their sobriety (cravings, triggers, peer pressure) in addition to the changes that have taken place in their brain, it is no wonder why drug rehab programs such as Narconon Fresh Start are a necessity for lasting sobriety.

Enrolling and completing any one of Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs will help address the person’s physical issues brought on by drug and alcohol abuse as well as uncover and resolve the underlying problems that drove them to use substances in the first place. Because Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are long-term, residential treatment centers, the recovering person will have the necessary time they need to make a complete recovery while residing in a safe and comfortable environment far from re-stimulating people and places back home. Our drug rehabs have a very high success rate at lasting rehabilitation and have helped thousands of individuals finally get off drugs and alcohol and live the life they were meant to be living.

One thought on “Addiction Causes Long-term Changes in the Brain”

  1. I know first hand that drug addiction causes long term changes in the brain. I was addicted to meth for 12 years and before using meth I never had any kind of problems. After using meth for a few years I started having seizures. At first I thought that this might have been caused by a car accident I had but after having them for awhile I went to the Dr. and after telling him about my addiction he told me that my addiction was the cause of my seizures. Now after being clean for over 2 years I still have them occasionally and have to take medicine for them every day and was also told by my Dr that I will still have them even though I am no longer using.

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