Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a behavior that is learned over time. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is the process of unlearning this self-destructive behavior so that living a life of sobriety becomes normal. Narconon Fresh Start knows that getting off drugs and alcohol is a process with multiple phases doesn’t happen overnight. Recovery begins by stopping the substance abuse and learning to live each day clean and sober. Our drug rehabs work to keep our program participant’s drug and alcohol free during rehabilitation and then assist them with their transition into a stable sober lifestyle after they have completed treatment.

While in one of our Narconon Fresh Start treatment programs the program participant will go through withdrawal. This part of one’s recovery process is often uncomfortable; if not downright painful depending on the substance the person has become dependent on. We will always utilize medical withdrawal when necessary to ensure our client’s safety and comfort. For program participants who do not need the aid of medical withdrawal, we have developed many therapeutic and holistic techniques to calm one’s physical and emotional discomforts. While withdrawal is a vital part of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, it is not the only step in the process. When the addictive substances have been stopped, and the client’s body is functioning well without them (thanks to withdrawal), the actual process of recovery begins. Narconon Fresh Start clients will continue on in their program participating in an extensive body cleansing and purification process known as the New Life Detoxification Program, learning invaluable life skills, problem solving methods and a personal moral code to live by to keep them on the right track after rehab.

Narconon Fresh Start is one of the most successful groups of drug rehabs today thanks to our New Life Detoxification Program. When a person takes drugs or alcohol the metabolites from these substances can remain in the fatty tissue of their body for years after they have discontinued using. When the metabolites and toxins left behind by previous drug use are released into the blood stream they can bring on drug cravings, depression and a long list of other physical and emotional stressors. This is why it is vital that these drug metabolites and toxins are removed.

The New Life Detoxification Program is a specific process designed to address the root cause of future drug and alcohol re-stimulation. The program flushes out the client’s toxic drug metabolites from their fatty tissue while they go through an extensive body cleansing and purification. The New Life Detoxification Program works on every type of addictive substance including: cocaine, heroin, Xanax, PCP, amphetamines, crank, crystal meth, methamphetamine, ecstasy, alcohol and medicinal drugs such as narcotic painkillers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills etc.

When the New Life Detoxification Program has successfully been completed, the educational portion of the Narconon Fresh Start program becomes the primary focus for the remainder of the client’s time in treatment. Skilled staff members work with the program participant to uncover the underlying issues that drove them to choose substance use as an answer to their problems. While working through these issues the client will learn new, healthy ways to ensure that were these problems to arise again they can conquer them without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Our Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab courses teach program participants valuable communication skills, personal ethics, how to identify social and anti-social personality traits, how to repair past damage they may have caused others and helps them to plan a strategy for their future.

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