Triggered to Use

A person who has recently stopped using drugs or alcohol can become triggered by numerous different stimuli. When a recovered person returns home from any of our Narconon Fresh Start treatment programs: Fort Collins New Life Center, Lone Star Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat or Sunshine Summit Lodge they may encounter triggers that set off the urge to use drugs or alcohol. A trigger for a recovering or recovered individual can be something as small as a specific smell or object that brings up memories of their substance using past. Needless to say, if something as minor as smell can trigger a person than being in specific places where they used or spending time with people they used with are very big triggers. These triggers create a spark in their mind reminding them of their past, whether good or bad, and causes psychological stress. The counselors at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers have a number of ways to help their client’s push past these triggers without losing control and experiencing a relapse.

One thought on “Triggered to Use”

  1. I went to Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the counselors there were all fantastic. They were very professional and hard working. They helped me work past my triggers and my day to day struggles while recovering from my drug addiction. I never thought I could live a happy drug free life without constant cravings or depression. The skills they taught me at Rainbow Canyon Retreat have enabled me to do just that. I have been very happy , productive and sober for 4 years now!

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