My happiness is overflowing

I made it to course today, I’m here and happy. I feel good and my happiness is overflowing.
C. M.

When a program participant first begins the Narconon Fresh Start program they often have many hurdles to overcome. These hurdles may include physical issues (e.g. drug cravings, withdrawal symptoms), emotional issues (e.g. feeling down, lethargic), psychological issues (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder) or they may even have a combination of several of these issues. When these issues are coupled with not wanting to be in rehab, or not feeling like participating, the result can be a program participant who has a very negative point of view. However, when the program participant does choose to apply themselves and begin to take in the new information our program teaches, they inevitably begin to feel better. Our clients become students as they learn new communication skills, learning improvement techniques and ways to change their perception of themselves and their overall outlook on life.

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