The Drug Personality

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction issues it may seem like they have become someone else. Effectively, they have. Drug addiction often means a life spent lying to loved ones and friends, committing illegal acts and losing one’s personal integrity and morals. These changes are brought on by the addict’s “drug personality” and it developed because of their habitual substance abuse.

The “drug personality” is a chemically induced personality brought about by drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. When the person ingests a mind altering substance it changes their personality to one that covertly hides hostilities and hatred that they do not want to show outwardly. As their addiction progress they begin the downward spiral of withdrawing from people they care about, becoming upset easily and experiencing feelings of low self-worth.

Narconon Fresh Start programs have included an entire section of their educational course on personal values and integrity to addressing and resolving the “drug personality”.  Through this course, program participants learn that a person does not succeed in life by succumbing to the victim mentally. A person is much happier and more successful in their life when they take responsibility for it, not when they are the victim of their circumstances. To successfully recover from drug and alcohol addiction the person must acknowledge their past unethical conditions and actions, take responsibility for them and do what they can to set things right.

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