Becoming Sober

Becoming sober is not going to happen overnight. It is something that takes time, effort and lasting determination. For an addict to truly stop using and learn to live a drug-free life they need to successfully withdraw from the drug(s), uncover and address the reasons why they began using in the first place, learn necessary life skills to prevent returning to a life fuelled by drugs and develop effective coping methods so that they can prevent future environmental triggers from causing them to relapse.

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a drug rehab program where recovery from addiction to all types of substances is possible. Their clients struggle with illicit drug use including heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana in addition to alcohol and prescription medications such as OxyContin, Concerta, Ritalin, Adderall, Ambien and Zoloft just to list a few. Their drug rehab facility was formally an executive retreat and is located in the picturesque hills of Northern San Diego County. The rural country environment is a safe sanctuary away from the many temptations and re-stimulating triggers back home.

As a long-term, inpatient drug rehab program, Sunshine Summit Lodge provides their clients with complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is often one of the most challenging and difficult endeavors a person goes through in their life. Yet, it is ultimately the most rewarding and highly prized accomplishment they will achieve. Because of this reason, we understand the necessity of having a facility where everything needed is fully accessible and obtainable. The staff of Sunshine Summit Lodge ensures that clients are safe, comfortable and are provided with enjoyable recreational and fitness opportunities.

With years of recovered graduates, an extremely high success rate and a written guarantee, Sunshine Summit Lodge knows how to help even those struggling with the toughest types of addiction make a total and lasting recovery. Their proven drug rehab recovery method has many parts, is extremely structured and it is presented in a precise step by step order to achieve the greatest results. The path to real and lasting recovery is intense, but with proper direction and their accurate addiction rehabilitation ‘know-how’ it can be achieved.

One thought on “Becoming Sober”

  1. I have been to multiple rehabs and Rainbow Canyon Retreat affiliated with the Narconon Fresh Start Program was the only treatment center that applied the cognitive behavioral model to help me make my own decision that I wanted to relinquish my drug addiction. Narconon Fresh Start also was the only treatment center that not only got completely rid of my drug addiction, but also help me rid my addiction of RX psychiatric medications. I never knew before Narconon that I was not truly recovered because I was abusing all of my psychiatric medications. I am truly a clean and sober individual who does not rely on anything to wake up, go to bed and to just be the happy me. Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start and Rainbow Canyon Retreat I have truly found myself again.

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