Recovery from Alcoholism

Recovery from alcoholism is attainable by completing any of the Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehab programs. In stark contrast to common belief that alcoholism is a disease without a cure, Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers have proven this theory wrong and do not subscribe to this belief. Their clients make complete recoveries from their alcoholism and go on to live happy, healthy lives. Productive lives where they do not live in fear of relapse, where they do not attend meetings and where they take responsibility for their actions instead of believing they are a victim of a disease and a genetic predisposition.

Current research has come to light challenging the genetic theory of alcoholism. The previous theory was that the onset of alcoholism was by and large a predisposed condition that a person was susceptible to based on their genetic pool and family history. Studies today reveal that genetics might not be the only reason for alcoholism; in fact, it may not be the cause at all. Researchers suggest that a person’s predisposition to alcoholism is brought on by environmental influences.

This new view on the origin of alcoholism means that instead of genetics playing such a major role in determining someone’s susceptibility to alcoholism, specific issues, pressures and stimuli in their present environment contributes to their alcoholism. The issues, pressures and stimuli that trigger the person to abuse alcohol are entirely within their control, meaning that they can resolve them and effectively recover from alcoholism. Narconon Fresh Start helps their program participants recover by identifying, understanding and resolving the underlying issues that drove the person to drink. During their time in treatment the recovering client prepares for life without alcohol by integrating effective coping mechanisms so that they can prevent future environmental triggers from causing them to relapse. When the program participant has safely detoxed, the Narconon Fresh Start treatment counselors utilize rehabilitation techniques to address and solve past issues once and for all. Their alcohol drug rehab is one of the most successful in the field of recovery and has helped even the toughest cases make true and lasting recoveries.

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