I smile a lot now

I feel that anti-depressants and anxiety meds are all out if my system. I feel much better than I did when I first arrived here at the Lone Star Victory Ranch. I rarely get nervous and I have no suicidal thoughts at all, I also smile a lot now.
S. S.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is entirely drug-free and holistic in their approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. Recovering using the Narconon Fresh Start treatment method means no longer being controlled by any substances: alcohol, illicit drugs, over the counter medicines or prescription medications. Choosing to enroll in a drug rehab that does not use drug substitution means you will learn to control your ability to sleep, wake and function properly without resorting to prescription drugs to aid you. The sense of being in control over one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions is often a very freeing experience for a recovering person who has been controlled by their addiction for so long. To no longer “need” anything to get through the day or night provides not only a sense of accomplishment to our program participants; it is a healthy solution to finally putting an end to all substance use once and for all.

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