Learning to love and respect the world I live in

Looking back at some things I have been through a lot. I know what I have to do to honor my mother and move forward in my life. I have to take all the good that I have and make myself and my loved ones happy in life. To love all those that deserve my love and trust. To not give up on my dreams, take care of myself, my girl and my family. To love and respect the world that I live in.
R. W.

Several areas of the Sunshine Summit Lodge’s Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program address key topics that enrich the program participant beyond just getting off drugs and alcohol; they learn how to become a person with principles. Courses on personal values, integrity, ethics, honesty and adopting a personal moral code are unique to the Narconon Fresh Start program and go a long way to helping the recovering individual find their personal right path in life. The values learned during one’s time at Narconon Fresh Start serve them throughout their life, long after treatment has been completed and their addiction is a thing of their past.

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