Cleansing You Body on a Cellular Level

A person who habitually abuses drugs or alcohol feels bad physically because of the poisons they have put into their body. The harmful substances the addicted person regularly ingested caused them to become nutritionally deficient and is the main contributing factor in their long list of negative physical effects. Even once the person enters Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug and alcohol rehab program they will still continue to feel bad physically and their mind will remain clouded more than before they started using drugs or alcohol because the toxins are still in their body. Rainbow Canyon Retreat uses the drug-free New Life Detoxification program to flush out the program participant’s body of any residual toxins left behind by their substance abuse.

The toxins left behind by a person’s substance abuse will remain stored in their fat cells for some time; even when they are not actively using and have started the process of recovery. What happens is that when the person is under stress, physical exertion, over worked, etc. the residual drug and alcohol toxins are triggered to release and re-enter the person’s blood stream. As these toxins re-enter their blood stream it brings on drug or alcohol cravings, depression and many other physical and emotional stressors. One of the benefits of attending Rainbow Canyon Retreat is that their recovery program is entirely drug-free. They intentionally do not use any substitute drugs or mind-altering medications to solve their clients physical and mental issues brought about by their substance abuse. Using medications only masks the client’s symptoms and the fundamental problems that caused them to choose drugs or alcohol as a solution. As an alternative, Rainbow Canyon Retreat puts emphasis on moderate exercise, healthy nutritional choices, good nutritional supplements and a thorough full-body detox process using dry-heat saunas to sweat out residual toxins and metabolites left behind by years of substance abuse.

Program participants of Rainbow Canyon Retreat begin to see the changes in themselves within just a few short days of doing the New Life Detoxification program. They begin to have color back in their face, their eyes are brighter, their energy levels are up and they are sleeping better at night. The emotional benefits clients get from the program include diminished mood swings, anger, depression and general feelings of uncomfortability. All of these physical and emotional effects of the New Life Detoxification program are added benefits to the primary reason the program was created, to eliminate future drug cravings and relapses on drugs or alcohol.

One thought on “Cleansing You Body on a Cellular Level”

  1. Rainbow Canyon Retreat was the first and only treatment center I have heard of or been to that did a complete drug-free withdrawal for meth. Each and every treatment center I have been to basically said to sleep it off, to the point where I was having cravings and using dreams throughout the program I was in, Narconon Fresh Start, had the idea to get the drugs out before I tried to figure out why I was using them in the first place. I felt like a 12 year old after sauna, a person who never had done drugs before, a person who was happy, a person who was healthy, I was me again. I cant give enough thanks to the throughout recovery process that saved my life and removed my addiction.

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