Gaining patience back…

My success for the day is gaining some patience back; I feel a lot better because I’ve actually helped someone who needed help. I feel like a better person since I’ve been at Narconon Fresh Start. Before coming here I was a drama queen; I didn’t care about anything but my drugs. The old Sherri was no longer part of who I was; she didn’t even exist any longer. I think since I’ve been here I have matured and become more relaxed. I also don’t only think of myself. I’m glad I came here. I’ve gained so much trust from my family and I hope I can finish this program and be happy for myself.
S. C.

The changes a program participant goes through during their time at Narconon Fresh Start is frequently astounding. When they enter the program they are usually at one of the lowest points in their life and feeling overwhelmed by their addiction. Through the course of the Narconon Fresh Start program they begin to see themselves as a sober individual, a person who has integrity, morals and a purpose in in their life.

One thought on “Gaining patience back…”

  1. I thought I was doomed to be a drug addict forever. I had tried different programs and felt like this drug addiction would haunt me forever. While and after attending Rainbow Canyon Retreat I was able to find goals and value in me and what I could do with the world around me in a positive way. I learned to use my abilities towards a positive light and the recovery process through Narconon Fresh Start was the most eye opening experience for me.

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