Short Term Drug Rehab vs. Long Term Drug Rehab

Short term drug rehab programs typically run 28 to 30 day. The majority of recovering individuals find that the real benefit of going to a short term drug rehab is getting away from the drugs they are dependent on for a month or so. These types of programs are usually designed to adhere to health insurance policies parameters but fall short of helping the addicted individual find lasting sobriety. A short term drug rehab would be an ideal choice for an individual who has not developed a full-fledged drug or alcohol addiction, more of a substance abuse problem. The short term length of the rehab program gives them the break from the drugs they have been abusing and helps guide them back onto the right path. However, for most addicted individuals a short term drug rehab program is simply not enough time to make the difficult changes necessary in their thoughts and actions.

Long term drug rehab programs come in numerous forms including 12-step programs, simultaneous diagnosis of secondary mental conditions to residential treatment centers. This type of treatment can run anywhere from a few months to a year and a half for some of the more intensive and long-term residential therapeutic communities. These types of drug rehab programs are more intensive than short-term programs because the recovering individuals focus on their rehabilitation from addiction around the clock for an extended period of time. Long-term drug rehabs statistically have much higher success rates than short term drug rehabs. Research into the field of addiction recovery has shown that 90 days in treatment is when the great majority of clients begin to achieve real and lasting results from the program they are enrolled in. Any shorter than this and statistically the recovering individual’s chances at lasting rehabilitation are substantially decreased.

Narconon Fresh Start is a group of drug rehab programs that are entirely drug-free, long-term, residential treatment facilities. Their program is neither religious, 12-step nor a medical or psychiatric based method of rehabilitation; the Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation philosophy is based on confronting and locating the specific causes of addiction and the many behaviors associated with it and resolving them. Their drug rehab centers treat addiction for what it really is and provide their clients with an actual solution to ending the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. The Narconon Fresh Start program provides true rehabilitation that builds the client up and shows them that they are powerful, not powerless over their addiction problem.

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