What are clients at Sunshine Summit Lodge saying about their time in rehab…?

It feels good to learn new steps and ways that I can help myself recover from my addiction; my course sup was awesome in helping me with these. I will continue to learn these routines as I go on. My future success is up to me.
A. M.

I feel I will definitely be able to figure out the difference between social and anti-social people. I will be able to handle and disconnect from people I don’t want in my life.
N. S.

I feel the greatest gains I’ve received are from the New Life Detoxification Program. I am sleeping a lot better, eating much better and most of all thinking much clearer. The fog has lifted and my eyes are brighter. The sauna was awesome.
R. M.

I’ve gained a lot of valuable information from the books I’ve studied in course while at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I’m looking forward to using the different precepts I’ve learned at Narconon Fresh Start in my everyday life when I return home and I want to teach them to my family, friends and children.
S. P.

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