New Life Detoxification: What it is and what our clients have to say

Drug DetoxificationThe New Life Detoxification Program at the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers is the most effective way to remove the toxic residuals stored in the individual’s fatty tissues and prevent future drug cravings. If not flushed out, the toxic residuals left behind by years of substance abuse have the ability to reactivate themselves in the individual’s blood stream and bring about physical cravings for drugs. Illicit drugs and alcohol are not the only substances that leave behind toxic residuals. Studies have shown that other toxic substances found in a person’s fatty tissue include medicinal drugs, pesticides, herbicides, radiation, food preservatives, etc.

Narconon Fresh Start’s total body purification process includes the use of vitamins, minerals, exercise and sweating in a dry sauna. When the New Life Detoxification program is complete the program participant’s body is even cleaner than it was before they started abusing drugs or alcohol because not only are all the illicit drugs they consumed flushed out, but the other toxic substances they had stored in their fatty tissues have been removed too. The method of total body purification is not a quick and easy process and involves participating in the above regimen for two to four weeks on average. The entire time the program participant is participating in this part of the Narconon Fresh Start program they are constantly monitored by skilled detox staff to ensure that they are always safe and receiving all of the benefits of the New Life Detoxification Program.

Read what our clients have to say about their experience in the New Life Detoxification Program:

Sauna was awesome; I feel great! I’m sleeping well finally and my energy is back. I’m laughing like crazy because I feel so good these days = ) It feels good to know I’ve cleansed my body and mind. Now for the hard stuff; but Sauna has made me more than ready for being up in the course room full-time.
A. M.

Sauna was very beneficial for me. Sleep, appetite and energy are at an all-time best. Also, I no longer have restless legs and arms, I gained weight and have been working out on a daily basis. I am feeling better than I have in a long time; I’m ready to continue my program.
J. L.

I feel just as energized after sauna as I did yesterday, I feel normal again it’s awesome!
A. P.

I had a great time in the box again. I feel great, I’m clear minded and a functioning member in the world going on around me. I had really good sauna IC’s that helped me. In all these different ways I feel very grateful for being back and having a second/third chance at living my life.
A. C.

To Whom It May Concern,
The sauna was a much needed part of my recovery. It literally took all the substances out of my body from over the years which does wonders mentally and physically. I look 100% better. Also, I am stronger, healthier and more confident. Everything is clearer than it ever was. My anxiety level has dropped way down also.
L. D.

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