The Learning Improvement Course

Narconon Fresh Start has a series of courses that our clients go through on their journey to recovery. While we utilize several approaches to help our clients achieve sobriety, (cognitive behavioral modification, living in a supportive residential environment, education on life skills, relapse prevention methods) the educational courses that make up the Narconon Fresh Start program create a feeling of being a student rather than a client in rehab. While all the courses that make up our program teach valuable life skills, there is one that many of our students find to be exceptionally helpful throughout the rest of their program and their daily lives when they return home. It is the Learning Improvement Course. While it is very short in its duration, this course is extremely power in its application. Just as the name of the course states, it helps the student improve their ability to learn. We often hear our students say that they struggled in school or that they felt stupid compared to the other kids in their class. These feelings are sometimes why they turned to drugs. Worse yet, we hear of students who were misdiagnosed with having ADD or ADHD and were given prescription drugs to “help” them focus. What the parents and school system do not understand is that using prescription medication to control a person’s symptoms of ADD or ADHD is never a long-term solution. These children who were given Ritalin or Adderall in their school age years often turn to methamphetamine when they get older. After all, these substances are extremely similar.

Luckily, even if a person felt that they weren’t smart enough to learn when they were in school or was given prescription drugs for ADD or ADHD they can turn it all around and make a successful recovery. Often times, students in the Narconon Fresh Start program are relieved to find that they weren’t stupid of suffering with ADD or ADHD; they simply had many barriers to study that they didn’t realize at the time. So many of our program participants comment that they wish they had had this information when they were in school or that they are going to be sure to teach it to their children so they don’t have to struggle like they did.

The Learning Improvement Course is a key part of the Narconon Fresh Start program for many reasons. An individual’s ability to understand and retain new information is vital in navigating life. This includes everything from reading a book, listening to a conversation, watching a movie, going to school or even learning a new job. If the individual is unable to quickly and efficiently learn new information their capabilities in life are significantly diminished. In turn it leads to lowered feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.
While taking the Learning Improvement Course students learn:

• How to identify when you do not understand something so that you can address it as an alternative to “checking out”.
• The harmful effects of not comprehending something, which leads you to not liking to study a subject at all.
• The skills needed to be able to comprehend information and be able to apply that information to life.
• How one can really succeed in life if they apply study skills and put in the time to really take in the data.

 “I’m more confident in myself and I’m learning a lot from this program. I was never able to study, learn, memorize, and concentrate on taking a test. I definitely have much better test taking skills since the learning improvement course!”
A. E.

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