Lone Star Victory Ranch

When you are ready to stop your downward cycle of drug or alcohol addiction enrolling in a drug rehab program is the best choice you could make. While some people are able to stop using on their own or by attending meetings, most are not. They need the structure and safe environment a drug rehab program provides to make the difficult changes within themselves possible. Depending on the severity of your addiction problem, a long term drug rehab may be your best option. A person who has struggled with substance abuse for any length of time knows how difficult it is to give up a habit that has become ingrained in them. Their drug or alcohol use feels that it is a part of who they are and how they identify themselves.

Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch is a long term residential drug rehab program located in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley. The rural location of this drug rehab offers clients peace and quiet while working towards their goal of addiction rehabilitation and recovery. Situated on 17 beautiful acres, the Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab center delivers one of the most effective drug rehab programs available in an environment that is far removed from the client’s previous substance abuse culture.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation program delivered at Lone Star Victory Ranch is part of Narconon Fresh Start. This treatment modality has been used for over 45 years and has thousands of successful graduates all over the country who are living the substance-free life they always wanted. The program offered at Lone Star Victory Ranch is probably different than any other you have heard of or been through. This drug rehab provides its clients with complete rehabilitation in a holistic, drug-free manner; leaving no stone unturned or any loose ends to be tied up when the client returns home. A graduate of the Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab program, or any Narconon Fresh Start program for that matter has fully addressed every aspect of their addiction; achieving physical, mental and emotional recovery.

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