Rainbow Canyon Retreat

To end an addiction to drugs or alcohol nearly always means having to enroll in treatment. This is because the substances the individual takes creates changes in their mind, behavior and actions. To break this cycle the addicted person needs the right resources, education and tools to make a successful recovery. With years of successful results, graduates from all walks of life and all levels of addiction issues finding lasting sobriety, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is known as a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s residential rehab style of treatment provides clients with a picturesque, distraction-free environment while they address their substance abuse problem. The drug rehab program is located under the beautiful layered colors of Rainbow Canyon and is close to Caliente, Nevada. As former dude ranch, this 320 acre property is the ideal setting to focus on recovery while leaving behind the re-stimulating things from the past. When no longer face to face with the environments, people and things that fuelled one’s addiction it is much easier to remain focused on getting better and preparing for the future.

This drug rehab is considered a long term program, lasting between three and six months on average. Research has shown that remaining in treatment for 90 days or longer is the most effective length of addiction rehabilitation. This length of time allows the addicted individual the time they need to withdrawal, address they physical and mental addiction issues and experience some time living day to day life as a sober person before returning home.

Choosing Rainbow Canyon Retreat long term residential drug rehab problem will allow the addicted individual to address all areas of their substance abuse. The program provides clients with complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from their addition. When a program participant completes the program they have addressed every area of their addiction and will not need to attend meetings, take drug replacement medications or consider themselves an addict any longer. All the work needed to successfully recover is conducted while attending Rainbow Canyon Retreat. When the recovered person returns home they continue to use the education, life skills and relapse prevention techniques they learned while in rehab to remain clean and sober.

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