Sunshine Summit Lodge

Drug and alcohol addiction causes such extreme changes in the user that they often become just a shell of their former selves. Sunshine Summit Lodge is a drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment program that effectively gets their clients off drugs and alcohol and restores them to their former selves, before their addiction took its toll on them. As a former executive retreat, this residential drug rehab program is located in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County near the famous Warner Hot Springs. The picturesque location provides clients with a therapeutic environment removed from the re-stimulating people, places and things that made up their everyday life back home.

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a complete addiction rehabilitation program providing clients with physical, mental and spiritual recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. While completing the program is usually one of the most challenging experiences our clients go through in their life, it is also the most rewarding accomplishments they achieve. For this reason the program and staff provide everything necessary to complete this process while seeing that each client is safe, at ease and afforded entertaining recreational/fitness opportunities.

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