A look at drug rehab

Drug AbuseThe term rehab has become a common part of our terminology and is used to mean several similar things.  This term is most commonly used to refer to a program or facility where an addicted person can find help for drug addiction. While this term is heard commonly today as a result of America’s addictive nature, rehab itself is a fairly new notion. Typically, before 1980 a person looking for help with a substance abuse or addiction problem was sent to a sanitarium, a psychiatric hospital or a traditional hospital. It was during the early 80’s that rehab programs developed into facilities all on their own; away from sanitariums, psychiatric hospitals or traditional hospitals and began to encompass many different forms of treatment.

The change that took place in rehab programs was partially due to people looking at addiction from a different point of view. Before that time, addiction was thought to be a weakness of will or self-control; during the 80’s this point of view changed to believing that addiction was a disease rather than just lowered or inferior morals. Centers were created to help addicted persons find a place of solace and respite where they could recover and learn to live without drugs and alcohol. Today, while a great majority of rehab programs and recovery professionals still believe that addiction is a disease, there are those who treat addiction for what it truly is: a physical and mental issue that must be overcome while addressing the underlying problems that drove the individual to use in the first place.

Get off Drugs at Narconon Fresh Start

In the past, openly admitting to going to rehab was considered taboo and was not a topic openly talked about. For some, even today the idea of a loved one going to rehab is thought of as shameful because they have failed as a person somehow. However, as more and more people across the country continue to go into treatment to find the help they need for their addiction issues rehab centers have come to play a necessary and recognized part in our culture.

Narconon Fresh Start LogoAt Narconon Fresh Start our network of treatment centers are helping people make real and lasting recoveries each and every day. We understand how hard it is to be an addict or the loved one of an addict. The many attempts at trying to stop either on your own or through other programs only to have your efforts thwarted by continued substance use. Many of us have been in your shoes and have overcome addiction ourselves through the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program.

The results Narconon Fresh Start achieves are done without any replacement medications, using holistic treatment method and a program philosophy that builds up our client’s self-esteem and belief in their ability to finally end their addiction issues. We don’t tell our clients that they are suffering from a disease that they can only hope to manage but never fully recover from. The Narconon Fresh Start program addresses the client’s addiction problem straight on both physically and mentally while helping them work through the underlying issues that drove them to abuse substances. When the client has completed the Narconon Fresh Start program they are able to stand on their own two feet. They do not attend meetings, do not think of themselves as addicts and take full responsibility for their thoughts, actions and interactions with others.

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