Going through drug free withdrawal

Physically addictive drugs such as heroin and alcohol are often accompanied by significant amounts of physical pain and discomfort when the recovering individual stops taking them. This is why Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs conducts a pre-medical evaluation and ensures safe around the clock care resulting in our client’s drug free withdrawal being relatively pain free. Severe physical addiction cases require medically supervised detox outside of our facilities to make certain the client’s physical comfort and safety are maintained. When the client has concluded medical detox they then return to the Narconon Fresh Start facility they are scheduled to attend and continue with their drug free withdrawal process at our treatment location. Every program participant who enrolls in the Narconon Fresh Start program is watched and monitored closely by our detox specialists to make certain their drug free withdrawal is as pain-free and comfortable in addition to ensuring that all their emotional needs are taken care of.

“After being addicted to heroin for years the idea of going through a drug free withdrawal was excruciating. The detox staff and counselors at the center aggressed that I needed some time in medical detox to help with my withdrawal symptoms before starting Narconon Fresh Start’s drug free withdrawal. When the time came to enter the Narconon program itself and begin my drug free withdrawal I was still nervous but felt ready to attempt the challenge. Getting through the first few days was the hardest for sure. Thank God that I had their detox crew there to help when times got rough and I was feeling horrible. The therapeutic techniques they used actually made a difference and helped me out during some of my darkest hours. Now that I’m on the other side of my heroin withdrawal I’m so grateful. I can’t wait to start the New Life Detoxification sauna program that I’ve been hearing so much about. A chance to flush out all the drug toxins still left behind in my body is a welcomed opportunity. –D.W.”    

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