Left wanting more

When a person takes a drug or drinks alcohol to solve their problem, lessen physical pain, escape from boredom, etc. their initial feelings always come back; and often much stronger than before. For example, a person who is too nervous to talk to anyone at a party may choose to smoke marijuana because they think that using the drug will help them relax. However, when the marijuana wears off the feelings of nervousness come back worse than before and the person wants to smoke more marijuana to calm down once again. The drug user’s problems don’t’ go away when they use drugs, they simply get pushed aside until the substance wears off. When sobriety sets in the person’s problems are still there and frequently made worse by their substance use. The underlying problems that drive a person to choose drugs or alcohol as an answer must learn to be dealt with in a healthy manner. Addressing one’s personal issues head on using effective life skills and therapeutic techniques is necessary to prevent drug or alcohol abuse from escalating into alcoholism or drug addiction.

“When I came to Narconon Fresh Start I didn’t know how to deal with life without getting high. That was my answer to every problem that came my way. I was flunking out of college, so why not get high? I was in jeopardy of losing my job, why not get high? It was Friday night, get high. There was always a reason to use and hardly ever a reason good enough not to. After so many time turning to drugs to solve my problems the actual problems in my life had grown so massive that I wanted to just block them out. I got high again and again and again until one day I realized that no matter where I go or how much I used I was going to have those same problems hanging over my head until I resolved them. That’s when I knew I needed help to get off drugs. Trying on my own just didn’t work because like I said, there was always a reason to use and hardly ever a good one to stay sober.

 After arriving at Narconon Fresh Start and beginning my program I started to realize that I was going to learn more at this drug rehab than I had ever learned in college. Right away I was confronting the personal problems and issues that drove me to use and learning how to handle them without getting high. It was empowering and rewarding. I hadn’t felt that good about myself since I graduated high school years earlier. Learning to take responsibility for myself and the choices I made helped me to move past the old me and develop the new, sober me I wanted to truly be. Three and a half months later I was graduating from Narconon Fresh Start and headed home. Not every day was easy and I had to reach out to my support at the rehab center several times to keep me on the right track but I stayed sober. Till this day, 12 years later I still use the life skills and techniques I learned while in their drug rehab program. I’m living the life I always imaged as a sober, happy member of my family and community. In fact, people who meet me now would never know that I struggled with such difficulties in my past unless I tell them. –J.O.”

One thought on “Left wanting more”

  1. Congratulations on breaking the cycle of addiction, and thanks for sharing more and more addicts are finding out there is a way out if they truly want it 🙂

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