Communication and Perception Course

Narconon Fresh Start programs make use of Narconon’s program books to deliver the most effective drug recovery and rehabilitation available. Included in the courses is the Communication and Perception course, book 4A and 4B in the program’s series. These courses help the program participant become more aware of the present time, develop self-control and to face and maintain control of their environment. When a person takes drugs or drinks alcohol they lose touch with what is going on around them and may become fixated on things that have happened in their past. While using drugs or alcohol as a way to escape one’s problems is somewhat effective in that moment, it does not address the real issue that is hard for the individual to handle. When a person chooses to continue to use substances to avoid handling their problems it makes their life very difficult because they are not in touch with what is really going on around them and is instead living their life in a fog of drugs and/or alcohol.

The Communication and Perception Courses are comprised of a series of drills and exercises that over time heighten the program participant’s awareness of the present time and what is really happening around them. The exercises in these courses unstick the client’s attention from their past and helps them to notice things taking place right now; such as the weather and the people around them. The program participant begins to see they are no longer surrounded by drug users, addicts and drug dealers but a positive group of individuals who are working on teaching them how to better themselves and live a healthy and happier life.

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