Improving learning skills

Whether you attend Sunshine Summit Lodge, Rainbow Canyon Retreat, Lone Star Victory Ranch or our Fort Collins New Life Center you will receive the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program course materials. Included in the program’s course materials are several books, one of them being the Learning Improvement Course. This course is book 3 of our drug rehabilitation program and helps our clients learn to overcome the common barriers to study, improve their learning skills  and their ability to comprehend and apply what they have studied throughout the rest of their program as well as when they return home.

While this course does not take much time to complete, it is extremely effective and powerful when it is applied. Program participants who enter our programs usually struggle to learn new information either because of their previous substance abuse or because they have many barriers to study that need to be overcome before they can effectively take in new information. Improving our client’s ability to retain and understand new information is vital in their future success in life. Program participants are taught the following during our Learning Improvement course: how to ascertain when they don’t know something so that they can address it instead of trying to move ahead anyway, how the negative effects of not understanding something can lead to them not wanting to study the subject at all, learning and study tools to be able to understand info and effectively apply the new info to their life and how they can become truly successful in life if they continue to apply the new tools they have learned.

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