I realize now that I have the control

I’m proud of the way I’m handling things. I realize that I can’t change what’s going on outside of here. But, I can do my best to control what I do in life now and make the best of it now that I’m sober. Taking control over myself, my actions, thoughts and decisions has made me feel so empowered and satisfied with myself. Before I blamed all my problems on other people or things, never taking ownership for anything that happened. Being here at Sunshine Summit Lodge I have had the time to reflect on my past, my previous choices and the results of them. I’m working on setting things right and making things as stable in my life as I can for when I return home. The counselors are really helping me to identify where my main personal issues are and develop ways of handling them now and what I can do when I return home. While I’ve been to several rehabs, I’ve never been through a program that is so well thought out and put together in such a way that every part of my recovery is handled and worked on before I graduate. The tools and techniques I’ve learned thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge are going to benefit me for life.
A. R.

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