What is drug addiction?

Not everyone who experiments with drugs will develop an addiction problem, but many people do. Drug addiction can be defined as the compulsive seeking and use of a substance regardless of the negative consequences the continued use brings to the individual. A person with an addiction problem will put all their other needs on hold so that they can support their habit. This may mean not paying rent, not going to work or even not buying food to feed their family and themselves. This lack of self-preservation is a key indicator of an addiction problem.

Previously, it was thought that a person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol needed to use the substance daily. It was believed that only individuals who experienced physical withdrawal symptoms when they stopped taking the substance were addicted. There were also those who thought that addiction is something that only happens to the poor, unemployed or people from the inner city. These major misconceptions have been dispelled and are now thought of as archaic beliefs about addiction. Today, there are drug addicts who do not use on a daily basis, do not experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using and live in the suburbs or rural areas of the country. There is even a category of addicted individuals known as functioning addicts who are able to maintain their jobs and appear to be functioning normally to those around them who don’t know their dark secret.

Sadly, without help most drug addicted persons sink deeper and deeper into their substance use. Some will switch from one drug to another looking for that feeling they used to get when they first started using. It is not uncommon for an addicted person to even take multiple substances at the same time to increase their high and achieve the effect they are so desperate to feel. When a person starts to take more of a drug, switch substances without understanding what they are taking or mix drugs (street drugs, prescription medications, over the counter drugs and/or alcohol) they are setting themselves up for an increased chance of an overdose. Many people are unaware of the dangerous interactions that different substances have on their body and unwittingly consume lethal combinations without meaning to. Sometimes these individuals are able to be saved, but many suffer from deadly drug overdoses. As recently as 2010 there were over 38,000 drug induced deaths here in the United States (Journal of the American Medical Association). The majority of these deaths were caused by pharmaceuticals (57.7%). Of the 22,134 individuals who died due to pharmaceuticals in 2010, 75.2% of these individuals died due to taking prescription Opioids.

For those who are ready to end their cycle of addiction Narconon Fresh Start can help. Our true rehabilitation means that our program graduates are no longer drug addicts or alcoholics, they are fully recovered individuals. The Narconon Fresh Start program takes addicted persons living a life filled with drugs, alcohol and chaos and gives them direction, purpose and integrity. No matter what substance the person is dependent on or how long they have been addicted, the Narconon Fresh Start program will work for them. As a long term residential drug rehab program we provide our clients with the time, space and life skills they need to make a real and lasting recovery. Because we are not a cookie cutter facility, our program participants take as long as they need to complete our program and graduate. The majorly of clients go through our drug rehab program in around 90 days (3 months) but those who need more time are able to continue with their program at a pace that works best for them. This ensure that all our graduates fully understand the life skills and objectives we teach and have the time necessary to incorporate them into their day to day life before returning home. All Narconon Fresh Start programs are entirely drug-free using high quality nutritional supplements and healthy nutritious meals to help our program participants regain optimum health. Over 45 years we have been helping individuals get off drugs and stay off drugs for the rest of their life. We are proud to share that our programs have an extremely high success rate and a written guarantee. Our program is here to help you or your loved one stop using drugs or alcohol once and for all and take control of life. Contact Narconon Fresh Start today and start living the life you are meant to have.

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