Feeling anxious about attending drug rehab?

When a person first enters drug rehab, whether it is their first time or a sequential enrollment, they often feel anxious because of the unknown. What will life be like off the substances they are used to taking? What are the people there going to be like; and will I get along with them? These are all common thoughts and feelings because making the change from regular drug abuse or drinking alcohol to living a sober life is difficult. For most, getting clean and sober will be the greatest accomplishment of their life and something they are proud of for many years to come. While the journey is challenging it is one worth taking because the end result is a life filled with integrity, purpose and positivity.

Typically, drug addicted individuals have a difficult time talking to others and being good listeners. They sometimes do not feel comfortable in their own skin and entering new situations can seem overwhelming and cause them stress. If the person does not have any previous psychological diagnosis of known conditions then it is usually due to their habitual drug or alcohol use. Regularly using drugs and/or alcohol can causes a person to lose focus, become inattentive and experience anxiety in a variety of different situations that would not have affected them previously.

Programs such as Fort Collins New Life Center in Colorado are designed to handle the addicted person’s physical addiction symptoms as well as their psychological symptoms of addition. The life skills that Fort Collins New Life Center and all Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs teach go beyond the basic rehab experience. Every aspect of recovery is handled while enrolled in a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab. Clients go through withdrawal, detoxification and many lessons on life skills, relapse prevention and creating a battle plan for their future. The Fort Collins New Life Center, just as all other Narconon Fresh Start programs, is a long-term residential drug rehabilitation program. The methods used are entirely drug-free and holistically based so that clients regain the best health they can while enrolled in treatment and learn how to continue these new principles of healthy living once they return home. While there is no set timeline for clients to complete the program, most graduate between three to four months after their enrollment. Program participants who need more time to process and put into practice the information they are taught during rehab do not feel rushed to get through their lessons. The process of truly recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism takes as long as it takes. This philosophy serves clients of Fort Collins New Life Center well because they feel more relaxed knowing that they do not have to rush or hurry through their program in order to meet a predetermined deadline.

When graduation from the program is coming near, the staff meets with the program participant one on one to begin the process of creating a battle plan. The battle plan the client and staff members create encompass all areas of the recovering person’s life. They include day to day activities, long term goals and relapse prevention techniques to utilize if necessary. Each battle plan is unique to the recovering person and is agreed upon by both the staff members and the graduating client. Going through this finial step maximizes the recovering individual’s success and provides them with a step by step plan for the next few months after rehab when chances of relapse are considered to be the greatest.

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