Today I feel un-burdened and ready to start a new phase in my life

I have successfully gotten off my chest the things I’ve done to my friends, co-workers and the people around me. I feel un-burdened and ready to start this new phase in my life with a clean slate. I feel that writing down the transgression and thinking about them in detail makes me come to terms with them. I feel that I have overcome some possible suppressive events in my life.
D. H.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course our students go through helps them to take responsibility for their past bad actions and poor choices. When they finally take full responsibility for the areas of their life that have burdened them they stop acting negatively and making poor choices in the future. This can be a very difficult process for some students. This is why the previous courses leading up the Personal Values and Integrity Course go a long way in building up the program participant’s self-confidence and ability to confront and communicate effectively. When the client eventually realizes that the dark secrets they were suffering with and that had caused to feel shame were problems, issues and situations that others have experienced too they tend to feel a sense of relief because they can stop suffering and let go of the shame. Identifying, addressing and moving past the indiscretions and poor choices a person made before entering drug rehab is key part of the recovery process. Without doing so the recovering person will continue to be plagued by the problems of their past and never get the chance to feel as though they are starting out with a “clean slate”.

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