Is long-term treatment necessary for you?

How do you know the right length of treatment to help you end you drug addiction issues? It can be difficult to decide when there are so many programs out there all offering different treatment methods and running for various lengths of time. Look at it this way, you didn’t develop you addiction troubles overnight and expecting to end them quickly is just not going to happen. While short-term programs are effective for certain types of addiction problems they severe a very specific purpose. A person who has only recently started to abuse drugs or alcohol or who has recently relapsed after time in a drug rehab may do well enrolling in a short term program because they only need some guidance and education on their addiction problem. For a person who has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a while (think 6 months, a year or longer) a long-term drug rehab program is necessary to be able to stop once and for all. Long-term treatment gives the recovering individual the time they need to withdraw completely from the substance(s), learn about addiction and address the underlying problems that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol. The time spent in long-term drug rehab allows the person to practice living day to day as a sober person solving life’s problems without turning to drugs or alcohol as a solution or escape. It is this practice and time spent away from drug using culture that makes a lasting impression on the recovering person and allows them to view themselves as clean and sober individual who is capable of living a sober lifestyle. Short changing yourself by choosing a short-term drug rehab because it seems to be the quickest and most cost effective type of treatment is problem not going to give you the results you are looking for.

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