Blessed to be here

As I celebrate my birthday today I’m so grateful to be clean and sober. I never thought I would live past my early 20’s but here I am at 33. It’s a blessing to get to experience each day with my family and friends who I love so much. While I tried everything in my power to flush it all away in my darkest days, God had a bigger plan for me. Because I realized I didn’t want to live a life filled with chaos, drugs and constant cravings I asked for help. I’m one of the lucky ones who was able to get the help that I needed to end my addiction. I enrolled in Narconon Fresh Start in 2001 looking to get off a lot of different prescription drugs I was abusing and put an end to my cocaine addiction. That’s exactly what happened too. I wanted to get clean so badly but just like any addict I had my ups and downs while in treatment. Four months later though I was graduating and feeling better than I had ever felt in my whole life! I returned home and celebrated my 21st birthday as a totally sober person and I LOVED it! Every year since I take a moment to reflect on my past and remind myself how far I’ve come. I couldn’t have dreamed up a life so blessed and I’m grateful that I was spared that awful night when I was willing to give it all up. Today is a wonderful day and turning another year older is a success in my book = )

One thought on “Blessed to be here”

  1. Congratulations and I hope you have a great birthday. At times I was sure I would die young and was convinced I wouldn’t make it through last year, I turn 40 this year, usually for me it’s just another day, but you have just reminded me how special it is to have God’s grace to get us through, I may now celebrate this year.
    God bless you always

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