Starting to have a better outlook on life

I have been in the Narconon Fresh Start program for 39 days and I’ve completed book 1 and 2. I spent 28 days in New Life Detoxification Program. Thanks to my time the sauna I’m feeling so much better physical and mentally compared to when I arrived. I am sober and that in its self is a big win for me! I look forward on moving forward with my program and I have started having a better outlook on life.
G. B.

For most recovered persons, going through drug rehab was the most difficult challenge they have experienced in their lifetime. The process often has many ups and downs that can cause the program participant to feel overwhelmed and feel like leaving the program. Many Narconon Fresh Start staff members are past graduates of the program and completely understand these feelings; it is likely they experienced similar feelings themselves. However, just as they were guided and helped by staff members during their time in treatment they now have the compassion and education to help current program participants work through these difficult emotions and feelings so that they choose to remain in the program and graduate.

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