I feel more like myself again

Objectives have given me a lot. I am more like myself again and it feels good to complete such a big part of this program. I know I will be successful in life as long as I keep progressing, staying in present time and never letting my past downfalls affect me today. Stephanie has helped me a ton and got me through when I felt like giving up and saying forget this! It feels so good to be done!
S. G.

The purpose of objective exercises and drills at Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs is to help extrovert the program participant and get his or her attention off themselves and onto the environment around them. The combination of communication drills and objective processes can have enormous therapeutic value for anyone who has been on drugs. During this course, two people pair up and work with each other on drills called Training Routines (TRs) and on an entire series of Objective Processes. They do this on a cooperative auditing basis; benefiting both individuals during the process. Clients become students as the progress through their program and learn valuable life skills. Students study, drill and then audit many different processes on each other; helping one another and being helped in return. They become more in present time and are oriented with the environment around them. These skills are shown to greatly raise a person’s potential for success and ability to remain sober once drug rehab is complete.

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