I’m impressed with the man my son has become thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge

When I first started looking into a drug rehab program for my son I was overwhelmed by the multitude of options available. Did I want him close to home, in a long-term program, taking replacement mediations? The questions my research brought up were endless and made my head swim with decisions need to be made. At one point in my research process I found the Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge site and felt a click of “that’s right for my son, that’s right for our family” and made the call. Speaking with their intake counselor I was impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of addiction and rehabilitation. I liked the fact that when my son completed treatment at their drug rehab he wouldn’t be considered an “addict” any longer. He wouldn’t have to attend meetings for the rest or his life and he certainly wouldn’t be on methadone or buprenorphine to “manage” his withdrawal symptoms. I was happy to hear that he would be taking responsibility for his past, making amends and creating a plan for his life once his time at Sunshine Summit Lodge was done.

All of this took place six months ago and life has been so much better since. He graduated from the program after about four months and has returned home to live with his father and me until he can get back on his feet financially. I’ve seen changes in him I would have never imagined possible. Not only does he no longer associate with his past drug using friends, he has found a girlfriend who is supportive of his sobriety and only wants the best out of life for him. We have family meals now, he goes to bed at a “normal” hour and wakes the next morning to go to work not feeling sick from heroin withdrawal. I have always loved my son, but since his graduation from Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge I truly like the man he has become. He lives his life with integrity, personal ethics and high morals; all positive aspects of himself that worked on developing during his time in rehab. I have my son back and his future is up to him now, not the drugs he was controlled by in the past.
-2012 Mother of Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduate

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