Drug Relapse

Why is it that even when an addicted person has stopped using drugs for some period of time they still seem disoriented and separated from their life? They are uncomfortable in their skin, unable to handle everyday emotions, unable to function in day to day life, unable to focus on their future goals, unable to remain in stable relationships or handle responsibility. These issues often lead to frustration for the newly sober individual causing them to feel failure and disappointment within themselves. These negative feels often lead to drug relapse. The person has not developed the interpersonal skills and life skills necessary to solve problems without resorting back to substance use. All drugs are essentially pain killers, numbing the user to the realities of life. Once a person stops using drugs or alcohol the numbness and disorientation their substance use brought into their life doesn’t dissipate, even when the individual has been clean for some time.

This is why phase three of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program works on breaking past the impulsive behaviors common among addicted individuals. Using a unique set of drills (i.e., Objective Exercises or The Advanced Communication and Perception Course), the program participant becomes more in touch with their environment, improves their concentration and exerts control over their environment and themselves. When this phase of the program is complete the program participant is able to accurately perceive what is going on around them and handle the situations in their lives effectively without turning to drugs or alcohol.

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